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adam karmi - CO-FOUNDER & Growth Strategist
Adam is the co-founder & CEO Barbell Marketing and, His skillset and daily focus lie's in crafting long term growth strategies to amplify brand growth and does this through hybrid approach of combining performance and brand marketing.
"Crafting Resonant Experiences That Drive Loyalty"
Brand marketing | customer experience | loyalty
Kateryna Bashkivska - Brand marketer & CX strategist
Kate, the CX Strategist who helps DTC e-commerce brands enhance CX and build loyal customer bases through targeted branding strategies and seamless communication. With expertise in diagnosing and improving CX issues, Kate ensures that customer experiences are optimised for loyalty and growth. Transforming Brands: Drive Loyalty, Fuel Growth.
"customer Acquisition: Strategic Advertising for Profitable Growth."
Customer acquisition | research | business analytics
Ruud de groot - Head of customer acquisition
Ruud, the Head of Customer Acquisition who has spent over $10 million in ads and generated over $24 million in sales. Mentored by Ashton Green, Ruud has honed his expertise in customer acquisition via social ads, including Facebook, Google, YouTube, and TikTok. His data-driven approach and commitment to continuous testing and optimization have helped e-commerce brands scale profitably. Transforming Customer Acquisition: Profitable Scaling through Strategic Advertising.
"Customer Retention: Maximising ltv."
Customer retention | email & SMS
Jane Taurine - Head of customer RETENTION
Jane is the Head of Customer Retention at BBM. She crafts email marketing campaigns, automated flows, and SMS messaging to retain customers and increase lifetime value. With her retention strategies, BBM's clients increase retention rates and drive revenue growth. Transforming Retention: Maximising Lifetime Value.
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