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Customer Acquisition Strategy
By our very own Head of Customer Acquisition Ruud.
Time Stamps:
  • Intro 0:00-0:10
  • Ruud's Experience 0:11-0:33
  • What & Why Ruud does what he does 0:34-1:07
  • Proven Results 1:08-2:08
  • The Process (Ruuds Results mechanism) 2:09-8:42
  • End 8:43-9:16

Head of Customer Acquisition at Barbell Marketing
Spent over $10 million in Ads
Generated over $24 million in Ads
Mentored by Ashton Green
Knows how to make success inevitable through a perfect process and put cause and effect next to each other.

Maximize Your Fitness Brand's Growth with Our Proven Expertise
We build on our extensive speciality knowledge of the fitness market (over 6 years), and paid media experience (millions in revenue generated) so we can hit the ground running with your brand.
We have a proven methodical process which we follow to find/improve the all important product-market fit, improve ad efficiency, and drive more profitable growth sooner.
We ensure we get some quick wins even while we are in the all important research phase.
Breakdown of 6 weeks in context of Customer Acquisition
WEEK 1 - Setting the Foundation: Quick Access, Deep Research, Initial Plan, Clear Set-up
Step 1: Our rapid 2 hour onboarding ensures we get access quickly and without a hitch.
Step 2: Our deep, thorough customer, market & business research ensures we unearth valuable insight from all key areas to identify the most important & immediate opportunities.
Step 3: We find the best product market-fit, craft the most effective marketing messaging, and plan for testing our initial hypothesis on what will work.
Step 4: We set up automated KPI dashboards to track key metrics, & create projections dashboards to monitor progress which help keep the business on target & us accountable for growth.
WEEK 2 - Campaign set-up: Initial Hypothesis Testing
This week, we will be setting up campaigns on both Google & Facebook platforms. We will use a targeted approach, testing the audience and their motivators, desired outcomes, and social influences. Our approach includes using frameworks for rationalisation, gradualisation - intensification, and story, which has proven to be highly effective in increasing first-time customers and reducing cost per acquisition.
WEEK 3 - Optimising Shopping Ads and Testing Strategies.
For Week 3, we will be focusing on optimising our shopping ads. This involves utilising effective processes to increase results through shopping title optimisation. In addition, we will also be testing a new target audience and continuing to refine our week 2 audience testing efforts. To further enhance our performance, we will also set up single keyword ad groups on Google. These targeted efforts will provide valuable insights and improve our overall results.
WEEK 4 - Crafting Benchmark Breaking Landing Page(s)
A week of Transformative Results, Week 4 marks a significant milestone in our customer acquisition journey, as we implement all the learnings from the previous weeks into a landing page that’s optimised for conversion based on data from testing. We expect to see a significant improvement in key performance metrics such as cost per add to cart, checkout, and cost per acquisition.
WEEK 5 - Remarketing & Objections
Week five, is yet another milestone as we focus on implementing remarketing campaigns to address common objections and concerns of potential customers. These objections include establishing differentiation from competitors, building trust and credibility as a brand, and presenting unique perspectives on a saturated product offering. By addressing these objections effectively, it’s proven to be one of the most effective ways to increase customer conversion rates and drive business growth.
WEEK 6 - Continuation and Refinement
During week six and onwards we focus on refining and optimising our efforts from all previous weeks until we have the most optimal formula of the best messaging, audience targeting, and landing page optimisation. And that’s when the magic happens and we’re ready to scale big time. We rinse and repeat this proven process through your product vertical and audience subsegments to continue to find more product market fits and grow your brand profitably.
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