BBM Client Handbook
Everything you need to know about expectations from month to month, team, availability.
Meet the team
Processes & Best Practices
  • Adam
    Head of Growth Strategy - Business & Marketing
    Role: Leading and overseeing the overall direction of the brand to ensure consistent growth and profitability.
  • Kate
    Head of Brand Strategy - Brand Marketing
    Role: Elevating your brand awareness, image, and identity, by looking for ways to continuously improve brand equity.
  • Jane
    Head of Customer Retention - Email/SMS Marketing
    Role: Increasing customer lifetime value by creating impactful marketing campaigns across peak moments and creating consistency and reliability in customer repurchase rates and value to further empower customer acquisition efforts and the ultimate goal of growth and profitability.
  • Ruud
    Head of Customer Acquisition - Paid Social & Search
    Role: Finding the most efficient and valuable customers to fuel brand growth and profitability.
Important: Now we are all on Slack, we will keep all communications centralised to this Slack channel to ensure nothing gets missed, everything can be found (easily) and all team members are up-to-date with the latest discussions. Please do not use emails for communication as we cannot guarantee we will see these in good time or at all.
We aim to keep you updated with the most important information on deliverables, results and ongoing strategy via our 3x weekly updates and one EOM team call.
Friday Deliverable Summary 2pm-5pm.
Friday Deliverables
Wednesday Midweek Update 12pm-2pm.
Wednesday Update
Monday Review/Plan
Monday Performance Review & POA deliverables for upcoming week 10am.
Feel free to ask and engage as much as you’d like on Slack, we usually get back instantly (Jane), but sometimes, as we are big believers of deep work it may take individual team members up to 2-24hrs to get back unless of course, it’s urgent for which Jane will inform the team member. There's more on this (Deep Work) in the processes and best practices section coming up below.
All the important documents, files and folders will be added to the Slack channel as a bookmark below the channel name, feel free to add anything that’s important from your side as well.
Online 9-5pm UK GMT
Lunch break 12pm-1pm.
We will schedule these after the end of each month to review the performance of the month and discuss the plan for the month ahead. ( Zoom Meeting)
Month 1
Month 1 is all about getting to know your business, your team, your customers, and the market you operate in. While of course, we will be getting quick wins for your business, month one’s aim is to achieve the same level of knowledge as you have for your business. Imagine that, your years of experience, condensed, unpacked and now installed into our minds so that we can craft a winning strategy. For this, we have a process to research and extract the most important information that will provide us with insights and direction for our strategy and next best steps. If you’d like to learn more check out this video for an in-depth view of our process.
Deep Research, Valuable Insight and crafting a winning strategy.
a lot of questions, not the most profitable month of sales but the most valuable month for the long-term business objectives. Including some quick wins delivered by the team.
Month 2
Month 2 is all about putting our strategy to the test, by this point (end of month 1) you will have noticed we do things properly, “data-driven” is not just a jargon used but a cornerstone to how we operate. We’ve done our research, we created a key person, we’ve crafted key marketing communications, and we’ve formulated a plan for customer acquisition and retention, now it’s time to put it to the test! The reason there are three tests in the title is that month 2 is where we are testing all elements of our ads and email campaigns. As an example, our ad tests will include messaging, creative, targeting, offer, LP and so on. Make sure we follow strict testing practices such as sample sizes and testing one element at a time while keeping others constant so that we ensure our outcomes are accurate, statistically significant and either deliver a result or further insights.
Putting our hypothesis to the test, test, test.
As we will be testing to find out the winner for each and every element of the ad (best creative, copy, offer, etc…) this exercise is not the most profitable in the short term but offers the answers for long term success and profitability.
Month 3
Month 3 is here and with it comes a lot more answers, insight, profitability aaaaand some more testing is highly likely. At the end of the day we are looking for long term growth, answers to key questions that will unlock growth is unlikely to come from 2 months (it’s possible and we will do our best, but its unlikely) so in our hunt for the best ads, emails, messaging and everything in between we will continue to optimise our marketing to get better results.
Scaling winners, binning losers… More testing!
Highest revenue, profitability, efficiency and more.
Month 4
By month 4, this is where we are confident to have tested, analysed and understood the key drivers to success for your brand and where we will begin doubling down on what works!
To the moooon… potentially.
Keep an eye on the Slack channel, we will be arranging huddles/calls to go through some of the answers we've provided and further discussions.