Our name is not just a play on words to highlight we are in the
but also an extension of our marketing philosophy, where we balance our strategy of proven traditional methods that get us consistent results with our ad hoc, unique methodologies to create more opportunities for VIRAL growth.
Each of us plays an integral role in the overall strategy for our clients. Together we diagnose the client challenge, come up with the solution and implement it to take each of our clients to the #1 spot in their niche.
Adam Karmi
Coming from a strategic marketing background, Adam leads the strategic aspects of all client campaigns, leading the team to make sure the strategic vision and execution are aligned with his clients' goals and their customers' expectations. Adam has personally worked with some of the most influential figures in the fitness industry and vows to help the honest, fitness entrepreneurs who aim to be the best, become the best for the benefit of the people they serve.
Kate is a marketing and branding specialist. She oversees the creative direction and representation of the company. Coming from a marketing and branding background she leads the creative team at BBM and is involved in every aspect of the creative process to ensure the client's vision for their brand is met at every touchpoint with their audience. Kate’s creative input is what you’ll usually see on the other end of our barbell marketing strategies, bringing the fresh, out of the box thinking to deliver strategies and ideas that go viral.
Jane is a marketing manager responsible for planning and overseeing all the clients and making sure the team can handle all tasks smoothly even during the busiest times. Having more than 10 years of experience as a marketer in 4 different countries, Jane can not only manage the projects but also jump in to help team members with tasks related to graphic design and copywriting. Helping client businesses grow and become successful while making sure that the team members are happy and feel valued is the main goal and motivation.
CBO & creative director
Max is the copywriting specialist behind all of Facebook, Google and Email campaigns. Having been trained by the world’s most elite marketers & copywriters, he not only understands how to craft high-converting copy that allows clients to scale their businesses fast, but he also has the strategic and creative thinking needed to create marketing campaigns and offers that sell like crazy time after time. Moreover, he is a big proponent of ethical marketing and he has a passion for promoting products that change and improve people’s lives.
Josh is an absolute wizard when it comes to email marketing, and that’s exactly why we brought him on board to help our clients maximise their retention and customer lifetime value. Josh is a different breed of email marketer because he understands it’s not just about short term sales, instead Josh uses his exceptional storytelling ability to build brand equity by creating emotional bonds with customers that provide long term loyalty and advocacy as opposed to quick, spammy short term sales pushes. With Josh the client's brand is always protected, their customer LTV increased and experience building the brand elevated, because you can trust Josh to deliver BIG results every single time.
Sam is a one of a kind performance marketer and the performance marketing manager here at BBM. He heads the ads team and oversees the creation, development and scaling of our clients' campaigns and ad accounts. Sam has the ability to work with both large and smaller budgets, providing structured campaigns that get incredible results time and time again.
Ruud is an experienced FB marketeer, obsessed with getting results. Focuses on high-impact levers to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
Experience in digits:
- Scaled ONE ad account to over £ 140.000,- in ad spend per MONTH
- Invested well over £ 6.000.000,- in PPC
- Generated over £ 12.000.000,- in revenue
- Managed over 50+ different ad accounts
JP is a highly skilled media buyer and the head of media buying here at BBM. He excels at setting up campaigns and tracking the performance of our clients' ads. He is the go-to and spearhead of the ad team, responsible for the execution of the ad strategy. JP has an incredible work ethic and attention to detail which makes him a great media buyer and a reliable asset to the team.
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